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Presque Isle District Library


Name Phone Email Term Expiration
Beach Hall ~ Chairman 989.734.2387 12.31.26 County

Arthur Nash ~

V. Chairman

989.306.4670 12.31.24 Onaway
Jennifer Altman ~ Secretary 989.351.0517 12.31.24 County
Mary Hentowski 989.351.0403 12.31.25 Posen
Judy Kimball 989.595.2296 12.31.24 Presque Isle Twp.
Terri Koss 989.619.1619 12.31.26 Rogers City
Colleen Whitsitt  989.733.6562 12.31.25 Case Twp.

Board Bylaws

Schedule of Board Meetings & Minutes
3:00 pm

The Presque Isle District Library Board of Trustees Board Bylaws state any interested person addressing the Board during the agenda period of "public comment" must identify themselves by name and residence, limit the address to not more than five (5) minutes, unless renewed at the discretion of the Board, and not become disruptive, unduly repetitive, or impede the orderly progress of the meeting. 

Any person interested in being on the agenda for the Board meeting must contact the Board seven (7) days before the meeting with the request. 

2024 Location
January 17 Rogers City
February 14 Rogers City
March 13 Rogers City
April 10 Posen
May 8 Rogers City
June 12 Grand Lake
July 10 Rogers City
August 14 Millersburg
September 11 Rogers City
October 9 Onaway
November 13 Rogers City
December 11 Rogers City