Programs at the Onaway Library

Welcome Zoe Redbird Radzibon!
Visit the Onaway Library and meet Zoe.  
She just recently received her certification as a service for reading dog and will be visiting the Onaway Library for one on one reading sessions coming soon. Please contact the Onaway Library to schedule reading time with Zoe!


Seed Library Information

 Select seeds from the available containers and then check them out at the circulation desk.  At the end of the harvest, please return as many seeds as you checked out.  The seeds do not have to be the same type of seeds.  This helps to keep the seed program run for consecutive seasons.  If you have extra seeds you would like to share with your community, please bring them in and we will package and make them available to others in the community.  This is truly a community-wide free seed program based on sharing.  There are heirloom seeds available as well.




Kale Blue Curled Vates and Curled Garden Cress
RadishPink Summercicle (heirloom), Sparkler White Tip, Crimson Giant, Saxa II, and French Breakfast
CucumberStraight Eight (heirloom), muncher, and Boston Pickling
SquashGolden Hubbard, Table Queen, Sweet Dumpling, and Iran (rare)
BeansTendergreen 1922
Green BeansHeavy Hitter, Contender, Kentucky Wonder, Kentucky Bush, Blue Lake, and Provider Bush
WatermelonGeorgia Rattlesnake
CabbageEarly Golden Acre
ParsleyMoss Curled
PeasSugar Snap, Little Marvel, Oregon Sugar, Masterpiece, and Sugar Ann
OnionWhite Lisbon Bunching
TurnipPurple Top White Globe
CollardsVates Non-Heading
Sweet CornGolden Bantam 12-row (heirloom)
Sweet CornON Deck hybrid container corn
Sweet CornSugar Pearl White SE+
SpinachBloomsdale Long-standing (heirloom)
BasilGerman Organic
LettuceGrand Rapids (heirloom), and Iceberg
CanteloupeAmerica, and Imperial 45
RadishSaxa 2 Organic
TomatoBumpy Heirloom, Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter, Sub-Arctic Plenty (rare), Striped, Black Krim, Brandywine, Crimson Cushion Beefsteak, Rutger's Select, Granny Cantrell (rare), Red Cherry, and Riesentraube (rare)
SpinachBloomsdale Longstanding, America and Blue Vates
SunflowerLemon Queen, Mammoth, and Evening Sun
Soy BeansEnvy and Aoyu (rare)
CauliflowerSnow Ball
PeppersCalifornia Wonder and Long Hot Cayenne
PumpkinsConnecticut Field (heirloom). Rouge vif e'tampes (Cinderella), and Lumina
EggplantBlack Beauty


Shasta DaisyGiant Marigold
SnapdragonsMarigold-Petite Yellow
Hollyhock-Frilley PinkMarigold-Mixed
Hollyhock-Bright Pink DoubleFig-leafed Hollyhock
Hollyhock-CarnivalBachelor Buttons
CosmosBlanket Flower
Oriental PoppyColumbine
Sweet PeaZinnia-Giants of California


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